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Aindrila Mitra

I have to admit, sustainable jewelry brand Aulerth has definitely become my favorite when it comes to jewelry. I think they do some fabulous work when it comes to design.

The collaborations that they do with designers be it SHIVAN & NARRESH or SUNEET VARMA DESIGN PRIVATE LIMITED or even the collection from Tribe Amrapali that I’m wearing in this image--each piece is unique and can easily become talking points. And, I have observed this over months since I wear Aulerth jewelry quite regularly for events and special ocassions.

What I personally love about the brand is the fact that you know you get to wear jewelry that is sustainable, which is something that I feel is a very important pillar and USP of the brand. You don’t need to compromise on design because the material is sustainable, and I think that’s the beauty of it.

I highly recommend everyone to try this brand out; they are spectacular and their jewels are long-lasting. I am a regular buyer of the brand and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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Aulerth creates jewelry that is couture inspired and consciously made.


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