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Upasna Dash

I think there are very few brands that really have you from the very first moment you interact with them, and Aulerth is definitely one of those brands.

Women & jewelry have always had such a fascinating relationship, and what I’ve discovered over the past few years is, jewelry is such an incredible expression of self, and to me, Aulerth was one of the most refreshing ways to find that expression.

I would absolutely look at integrating Aulerth into my life over and over again. With Aulerth I feel like it’s my journey to start my collection of my heirlooms, beautiful pieces of jewelry that resonate with who we are. They are modern, beautiful & well-designed pieces that I see 10-15 years down the line being passed on and speaking the story of what we were doing today.

It’s not just something that I have inherited from the past that I will follow, it’s something that has been built in the present keeping in mind the new modern, young Indian woman. And that for me is the beauty of Aulerth, it is an amalgamation of traditional, beautiful yet modern, intuitive, and most importantly such a subtle yet significant expression of self.

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Aulerth creates jewelry that is couture inspired and consciously made.


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