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Can you Re-use Your Bridal Jewellery?

Here’s the scenario: You want your bridal jewellery to accentuate your wedding trousseau; all the elements should work in tandem to make an exquisite look that you’ll always look back on fondly. But, after the big day, you don’t want to simply stow away these pieces, only to pull them out sporadically (if at all). And this sense of practicality is part of what defines today’s bride, who is someone who wants the fusion of indulgence and function. 


Achieving this sensibility is possible—for both about-to-be-brides, and those who already have their bridal jewellery sets ready. When styled the right way, your pieces from the big day can amp up even more outfits. They can be the centrepiece of a look or an accent to other pieces. Your colourful gemstone bridal jewellery pieces can add a pop of colour to a monochromatic look, enhancing the silhouette of the latter, while more elaborate single-toned jewellery sets that play with shapes can add dimension to otherwise simple looks. No matter how you decide to reuse your bridal jewellery, you’ll have a look that’s both unique and charged with emotion. So, here’s how you can incorporate those sets into both daily wear and other special events, and make a mark everywhere. 


Break the set

Not literally, but if you have made your bridal jewellery set in the same aesthetic, then the fastest way to reuse any part of it is to flaunt it as a separate. The heaviness of typical bridal jewellery is most prominently seen when all the parts are together in one frame, but if you go for just the necklace or earrings, you’ll have a showstopper look that can be worn across functions and that works alongside your outfit and not against it. Bracelets, too, can easily be worn as solo pieces and are a good place, to begin with, if you’re hesitant about restyling your bridal jewellery.


Simplify it

This pertains to one way of styling it: if you want to reuse bridal jewellery, you can pare down your outfit to the basics. Think of a plain white tailored shirt with your layered necklace that has a drop pendant. By merging sensibilities, you’ll be embracing a covetable look that won’t overwhelm you. This also translates to evening wear. If shoulder-length chandelier earrings were part of your bridal jewellery set, you can pair them with a strapless dress or top so that nothing clashes, but they still get the spotlight. Keeping your neck bare will add an air of simplicity to the outfit. 


Repurpose them

For those who have more ornate bridal jewellery pieces, one way to reuse them is to get back to the workshop. You don’t need to completely recreate these items and lose any attachment you may have. Instead, try separating elements and repurposing them for other jewellery pieces. For example, one approach could be to remove the pendant from a headpiece and work that into a necklace. It’s a great way to style heirloom jewellery in a modern manner that works for you and your wedding trousseau. 


Detach them

For about-to-be brides who are still designing their bridal jewellery set, the previous method can be worked in preemptively by opting for detachable jewellery. It’s a surefire way to embrace a variety of looks in one statement piece, and lets you mix and match as you please depending on the aesthetic you’re going for that day. Multi-strand gemstone necklaces work well for this, as each layer can be detached and worn as a more toned-down version. These necklaces truly lend themselves to the detachable trend as they offer a variety of lengths as well—so you could go for a choker gemstone necklace one day, and a longer chain the next. Beyond necklaces, the same can be done with head and handpieces and brooches (and most bridal jewellery pieces). Detachability in bridal jewellery design is an investment that keeps giving returns and empowers you with timeless functionality. 


Choose the occasion 

If you want to don your bridal jewellery for special occasions that require a more subdued look, some gemstones lend themselves to that. Pearl and diamond sets are ideal for securing that classic look. Pearl studs or drop earrings exude sophistication and are versatile enough to be consistently restyled. 


Embrace a new tradition

For those who prefer a more traditional look for their big day, you can reuse that bridal jewellery in a manner that infuses that same tradition into a modern look, creating an edgy result that demands attention. This also gives you the chance to play with textures and sensibilities, and still pay homage to the stellar craftsmanship that traditional jewellery is known for. 


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