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How can you style an oversized headpiece?

Making a headpiece the focal point of your wedding look can be both an elegant and eye-catching move. It adds an element of drama—the degree to which you decide—to the look, and also weaves tradition into the ensemble. You’ll find a vast array of styles as well, varying from region to region, each an homage to age-old craftsmanship, but in more modern fittings. While most people tend to focus on their necklaces and earrings, the headpiece is usually made to support the other bridal jewelry through more delicate creations that have a single pendant; but some wish to shift this focus. The headpiece lends itself to both minimalist and maximalist styles, and you can experiment with a few before honing in on what works for your unique sensibility. If you decide to go for an oversized headpiece look, something that immediately draws attention and is the centerpiece, there are some tips to keep in mind that will help you choose one that works for you and helps you feel your best.

Firstly, headpieces don’t have to only be for brides—there are many styles that enhance wedding attires, meaning that more people can play with this theatrical jewelry piece and celebrate. However, for bridal headpieces, in particular, start with deciding how extravagant you want to make them. If you’re amping up the drama and going for an oversized look, then this should be the first piece you select for your wedding jewelry. The other pieces should be selected in relation to the headpiece, as the head-adorning piece will dictate the rest of the aesthetic. As it occupies such a prime position, let the color of your outfit be a guide for the base color of the jewelry item, and then decide whether you’ll be adding in colored gemstones as accents. You can stick to a single-toned gold look, but for a more contemporary look, experimenting with colored gemstones and pearls is the key. The rest of your jewelry can be selected to match the same, but if you’re choosing an oversized headpiece, it’s recommended to keep the rest as subdued and lowkey as possible so there’s no clashing of styles. Stud earrings are both dainty and subtle, and there are many delicate necklaces you can opt for. Matching your styles in this manner will allow the headpiece to be the crowning piece.

Next up is choosing how you want to take the headpiece up a notch. While sizing up the main pendant is an option, you can also consider layers and tiers to get the same glamorous look. Multi-layered headpieces cover your head completely, and you can show that off with a sheer veil—pearls work well with such layered options, and they help tie multi-colored gemstones together too. If you want to make the pendant the hero piece, there are interpretations galore that can be donned. From different shapes to abstract designs, a single dropdown pendant headpiece can add both depth and sophistication to your trousseau. From long chandelier styles to wide crescent shapes, you may need to experiment with a few options to determine what works best for you. With oversized pendant headpieces, you can also play with the angle at which you want it to fall. Having it at the side could be what works for you, so play around with options.

While you shouldn’t restrict yourself to rules that suggest what shapes work with what face shape, you can keep some broad guidelines in mind. For instance, longer styles will work with round faces as they will add length. And, if you have a smaller forehead, you may want to look at styles that have the pendant lying closer to your hairline so that it doesn’t overpower you and take up too much space. Of course, the main point is to experiment with different styles to see what you are most comfortable with, and what resonates the most with you.

Don’t shy away from oversized headpieces because you fear a lack of longevity: one of the best parts about them is that they can be reused after the wedding. You can separate the elements to make new pieces—like a necklace—that shine on their own. Some come with detachable strings, keeping them functional after the big day.

Finally, no matter what size the headgear is, you need to plan your hairstyle in accordance with it. Whether you want to wear your hair down, in delicate braids, or pulled back in a bun, it will play a role in how your headpiece shines and catches the light. For instance, if you’re wearing a side hairpiece, you may need to see which parting it’ll work with. Play with different styles and partings to see what works best.

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